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What device/s do you use to capture/record videos? Digital Camcorder/Camera
Video Cell Phone
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How do you share videos? Watch Video using VCR/DVD Player
Watch using Camera/Camcorder
Mail DVDs
eMail Clips
Use video sharing site
Are you interested in Sharing/Linking your videos to your Family/Friends/Colleagues
Online Groups/Websites/Blogs
/Auction Sites
Are you interested in creating an online Shoe Box -
archiving all your videos at a central place
where you can access them anytime and share anytime?
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How much would you pay for a video sharing service?
How often would you use a video sharing service?
Which other video sharing sites have you tried?
What did you like/dislike about those sites?
What features are important to you in an online video sharing service? Storage Space
eMailing videos directly from Video Cell Phone
Easy Video Editing & Production
Private secure sharing
Video sharing Community (public sharing)
Ability to link to Blogs/groups/webpages
Video Comments
Video Ratings
Selling your videos
Collaborating (and gathering feedback)
while creating videos (e.g music videos,
training videos, etc.)
Which photo sharing sites do you use?
Suggest a partner site
eVideoShare provides Video Sharing capabilities to partner sites as well.
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