You have been recording videos for a long time. Now eVideoShare provides a rich and fun experience sharing and interacting with those videos!

Whether you want to show off your videos on the eVideoShare community or create an online private secure video show-box, eVideoShare makes it all simple and easy!

Upload videos from the browser, email them from your video cell phones or upload them using the eVideoShare client.

Create your unique video profile ? title it, provide a catchy description!
Comment and rate yours & others videos!
Browse, Search and play them!

Even easily link your videos to your webpages/blogs for broader sharing

If you're interested in only showing your videos to friends & family, then private sharing allows you to do exactly that!

Ever wish you could add more 'oomph' to your video and pictures?
Now you can with muvee quickSpin...and it's easy to boot!

No hunching over your computer for hours on end. With just one click, quickSpin automatically creates slick video productions from the videos, pictures and music stored on your computer. Every 'muvee' is styled and cut to the beat of your music, ready to upload and share right away.

Be as spontaneous as you want. Click ‘make muvee’ again to give your footage a different look and feel in no time at all.

Can software really do this for me?
You bet! But don't take our word for it. Download your eVideoShare client now and take your video on a quickSpin!

And if you're hungry for more, you might wanna take muvee autoProducer for a test drive. It's power-packed with features that will have you working your video like never before!

Shoot it. muvee it. eVideoShare it.

eVideoShare now combines the ease of sharing with the power of creating interesting and fun videos with muvee QuickSpin. Download the eVideoShare client and get quickSpin for free.

So let the fun begin! (Click on the play button of the sample video to see how it works!)

If you're already a registered user, download the eVideoShare+quickSpin client here!

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