Comments provides users the ability to post their comments to the video.
This is a very easy and fun way to communicate and interact with the Publisher of the video as well as others watching the same video. (Note: These same Comments are included while searching for Videos. Please refere the Search help section for further info)
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If you're a registered eVideoShare user and logged into the website then your user login is automatically picked up and attached to the comment. If you're not a registered user (or not logged in), provide your user name in this field. When attaching comments to Public videos, since those will be visible to anyone, we advise you NOT to use your complete name and/or email address. Typically the first name or an alias name should suffice. (With Private videos, it would be less of a concern)
Provide your comment (the text can be as long as you like)
here. E.g. "Michelle looks so cute at her 1st Birhtday party" or "Seems like you had a great day at the beach", etc.
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By default this option is selected and any comment that you post will be shown to anyone who watches this video. If you want to share your comment only with the Publisher of this video, you should deselect this option and it will not be made visible to anyone else.
This will complete the Comment attachment process and add it to the end of the already available comments along with the date and time it was posted.
This will exit Comments entry form without posting your Comment