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For five years I have been trying to upload my video clips to my website for my students and other people who are interested in martial arts to view. It was never possible with my server, it couldn?t handle any uploads what so ever. I also tried to purchase a separate server just to upload my clips to, it was very hard and I had to be a Computer Expert to save it to my website, so it was a big pain. I actually tried to upload as a stream file to decrease the size of the file; the quality was so bad it was embarrassing to show. Until now I am a very happy person that I found eVideoShare.com They made it possible for me to be able to upload my clips to my website with extreme ease and with high quality that I can very proudly invite all my students and friends to view my clips. That?s just not only is a great improvement for my website, it is also a great promoting tool and selling aid to increase sales and enrollments.
I highly recommend the service to everyone; the customer service very quickly responded to any questions that I had.
Thank you very much for making this possible.
George Hajnasr

eVideoShare was such a breeze to get started with. After some struggle with getting my videos from the camcorder to the computer, eVideoShare really made the rest of the sharing process extremely simple.
Way-to-go eVideoShare!
Mike T, California

I started with eVideoShare based on a recommendation from a close friend of mine. Wow, what a fantastic service. My parents can now see their grand-daughter?s videos almost every week half way across the country.
Bianca C, Vermont

You are providing an exceptional service. We have never shared a single video but have been watching the videos shared by our Kids of their children. We can?t thank you enough. Keep the good work going.
John & Melinda K, Illinois

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