Pricing Plans

Currently eVideoShare is a Beta service.
Based on user feedback, we're making progress on adding new features and capabilities to further
make the site easier to use and interact with, and will release a standard version soon.

In the mean time, we're offering a "Free Account" so users can try the service and start sharing
their videos as well as embed links in their Blogs. We encourage you to sign up for the Free Account.
As part of the Free Account, you will get 100MB of storage space and 1GB bandwidth per month
(eVideoShare reserves the right to change this at any point in the future)

eVideoShare is providing a very compelling service to different segments of customers.
So instead of setting arbitrary Pricing Plans which may not be appropriate to all customers, we have
decided to come up with meaningful pricing plans suited to different usage patterns.
As more and more users start using the beta service, we will get a better understanding of the usage by
various customer segments. This will in turn help us in providing the most optimal pricing plans
that would appeal to and meet the requirements of specific customer segments (e.g. occasional
user who shares only one video every month would need different kind of plan compared to a
frequent Blogger who shares multiple videos every week)
We plan to publish the Pricing Plans soon.

We also foresee us continuing to provide a Free Account type (with specific limits ofcourse) to users who
want to try the service before subscribing to a Paid Account.

eVideoShare Team!