About eVideoShare.com


eVideoShare was started to help solve a simple problem faced by each one of us. We all record videos - whether it be a birthday party, son's soccer game, cousin's wedding, baby's first steps, parents' wedding anniversary, summer travel and so on.... We're all proud of our productions (piece-de-arts). Videos really are about freezing those fleeting moments of time, capturing the joys, dreams and hopes. The goal being to watch the videos over and over again in the coming years and relive those joys, dreams and hopes.

Most of the times, we also wish we could share these joys with our beloved ones instanteously. And in today's world of high technology - why not!

Further, the popularity of text blogging and blog reading is entering into high gear with video blogging. Videos can express view points in a much different way than plain text. eVideoShare's objective is to make it very easy for bloggers to join this new wave of Video blogs as well as for blog readers to watch those video blogs.

The world of videos is a complex maze of gadgets (video camcorders, digital cameras, video-cell phones, etc.), formats (analog, digital) and acronyms (AVI, MPEG, etc.) eVideoShare takes the pain out of sharing and blogging your videos. We provide a simple service allowing you to share and blog your videos easily, securely and fast.

Enjoy sharing your videos!